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Truuth’s APIs solve the problem of identity verification across the entire user life cycle, from onboarding through every repeat interaction. We pride ourselves on delivering market-leading assurance in user identity and that's why we're trusted by major enterprises and orchestration platforms across the globe.

There are 3 groups of services that we offer to clients:

  • Truuth KYC
  • Truuth Verify
  • Truuth Biopass

Read on for more details.

Truuth KYC

Truuth KYC is used by clients across the globe to onboard new users through online channels. The service provides complete assurance in user identity while also delivering an amazing user experience. Clients enjoy a highly customizable white-labeled user flow that can be easily configured to suit any onboarding use case. Free trials enable clients to try before they buy to ensure a great fit with their onboarding requirements.

Truuth Verify

Truuth Verify is a suite of identity verification features delivered via APIs and SDKs that are typically integrated by B2B platforms and large enterprises. These organizations are often looking to 'orchestrate' best of breed features such as ID document classification, ID document OCR, ID document authenticity, face biometric matching, and ID fraud checks. Truuth delivers state-of-the-art solutions for each of these verification features.

Truuth Biopass

Truuth Biopass is a state-of-the-art cloud-based CIAM solution for passwordless risk-based authentication. It enables organizations to support both simple and complex use cases and protect user identities. An intuitive UI enables administrators to quickly design and deploy custom authentication workflows based on an organization's defined risk thresholds. Easy to use self-service tools permit your users to enroll devices and unlock accounts improving engagement and productivity while lowering costs. Biopass integrates SSO, MFA, Adaptive Authentication, Endpoint protection, Mobile SDK, Passwordless and User Self-Service.

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